Robbie invited to rejoin Take That

robbiewilliams It seems that the 1980’s boy band Take That have matured. It is not just those declining hair lines, dark eye circles and the middle-aged dress sense. Recent statements made by them do indicate that wisdom too come with age.

The ‘boys’ now admits that since they were too busy during their days as they were engaged in the tough professional competition they missed the fact that their former troop member, Robbie Williams was going into melt down.

Of course, admitting one’s mistake is something to be appreciated. But, wait, as they have not stopped with that. They are even ready to rectify their mistake. They have also waved an olive branch to the Angels singer. If Robbie is not too busy with his head stuck up in the flying saucer, might just be graceful enough to accept the offer.

This is how Gary Barlow, the main member of the band, put it in words, ‘there was a series of events we should have spotted as Robbie went off the rails before quitting the band in 1995. That’s my one regret. I missed the signs. I think we all did.”

Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald surely agree with him completely. The message is now damn clear- they all wish to have Robbie back. And they want him to be with them through out-not just for stage shows. The band members ended it all with an optimistic note as Howard added, “I think it will happen one day.”

Gary Barlow, however, when to the extent of saying that there were certain early signs from Robbie’s part before he finally quit the group in 1995 in the midst of his boozy way of life.

Though they all regret that the signs were all missed, they still care for their former band member. They still consider Robbie to be one among them. As true friends they want to make Robbie’s life better by helping him come back.


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