Sarah Parker finally ends it all

Sarah Jessica Parker is reportedly all set to split from her husband. Apparently, she is hunting for a new house to stay after the separation. The separation was more or less expected as the eleven – year –old relationship was hit hard by the claims that her husband, Matthew Broderick, cheated on the actress along with a young woman who is in her mid-twenties.  The 43-year-old star has even entrusted a New York broker with the task of searching an apartment for her.

Sources close to Sarah Jessica Parker reported thus, “The time has come when she realizes it just isn’t worth it. Sarah Jessica is determined to get her own place and bring down the curtain on her marriage.”

Though the couple has a six-year-old son, James Wilkie, in this relationship, they have been leading separate lives for the past few years. It has been reported that it was for the sake of their son that the couple somehow managed to drag their relationship to this extent. That was the reason why they together denied the rumors of separation that popped up a few months back.

Though they spent the festive period together, the pressure of pretension finally crashed over their heads and they decided to put an end to it.
Sources close to the actress revealed that Sarah and Mathew did spend many a holiday with their boy James, pretending to be extremely happy. But, the guise they put on their face only helped in making further cracks in the relationship.

However, the husband and wife are ending it all in grace without pushing the other in dimmer light by justifying own stands.   “They’re essentially living separate lives. The truth is, Sarah and Matthew still do love and care about each other, they just aren’t in love, and they don’t want to waste any more time trying to repair something that’s irreparable,” the source added.


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