Secrets for keeping your hands beautiful

Women always take care of their nails. They always see to it that their nails are kept long, clean and painted. But, it is a sad fact that those who have such gorgeous nails seldom take enough care of their hands We often forget that hands do a lot for us everyday. But in return we do not care for it at all, and remain thankless. Many housewives complain that daily chores have left its ugly mark on their hands. There are a few tricks to regain the lost beauty of your hands.

In matter of exposure, hands are next only to face. Another important factor to be remembered is that hands are the earliest indicators of old age. The delicate skin on the back of our hands is extremely thin and do not have a layer of fat under it. Due to this reason, this skin on our hands easily gets loosened. As old age sets in it gets dry and expose the veins underneath.

We never forget to use sunscreen lotions on our dear face whenever we get exposed to hot sun. But do we ever bother to protect our hands that are also equally exposed to sun? A good ‘sun block’ should be applied on the back of our hands. Hot sun is responsible for the majority of wrinkles and discolouration. Avoid direct contact between your hands and heavy detergents and strong chemicals. Wearing cotton lined rubber gloves will save you from such powerful cleaning agents.

Mild soaps are good for the delicate hand skin. Brushing your hands using the same exfoliate that is used on your face will remove dead skin cells. Applying moisturizers on hands, cuticles and nails daily after patting the hands dry also helps. Neat cuticles serve as effective barriers from fungi and bacteria.

It’s better late than never. Give your hands the care it rightly deserves and save it from the hands of time.

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