Sexual Addiction

The term “sexual addiction” is used to describe the behavior of a person who has an unusually intense sex drive or an obsession with sex.

Sex and the thought of sex tend to dominate the sex addict’s thinking, making it difficult to work or engage in healthy personal relationships.

Diagnosis for Sexual addiction

There is no consensus in the medical community that sexual addiction in fact exists, and it is not presently included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (D.S.M.). Those who support its diagnosis describe it as being in many ways similar to other addictions, where the activity comes to be used as a way to manage mood or stress and may become more severe with time.

Sexual addiction is progressive and it rarely gets better. Over time it gets more recurrent and more extreme. At other times when it seems under control, the addict is just engaging in one of the common traits of the disease process in which he switches from sexual release to the control of it. The control phase unavoidably breaks down over time and the addict is back in the behavior again, despite his promise to himself or others never to do it again

Sexual addiction can be a positive factor on one’s life, if we realize that it may be the one thing that enables one to endure the very worst situations and go on to live a life that can later be full and rewarding. It is how the addiction is addressed and dealt with that will determine how the addict will fare later life.

Habit may have been the tool that has kept the survivor’s feelings and memories at bay. Revival is not a straight incline leading directly to a desired goal, but it does follow a somewhat predictable path. To get on this path, the addict must first recognize his or her problem and be able to address their addictive behavior, and then must understand the role that the addiction has served.

The addict must learn the value of his self as a whole person, rather than as a sexual object. By doing this, the addict will appreciate that recovery is not possible without abstaining from it. By doing this they are able to develop a new sense of themselves. They begin to be grateful for their sense of strength and purpose. They begin to take blame for their own lives and happiness. Then a new way of looking at life comes out.

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