Sexual Fantasy

Sexual fantasy refers to the mental illustration of an individual, object, or situation, often but surely not always involving a sexual component.

Human sexuality is a measurement of social life that is often rich with many diverse sorts of fantasies. Sexual fantasy often entail mental scenarios involving persons other than one’s regular partner and comprise sexual activities careful culturally unsuitable or intolerable.

What Triggers Sexual Fantasies?

People vary significantly in their ability to fantasize and in their pleasure of this behavior. Fantasies may supplant realism for some or may serve as a poor alternate of sexual reality for others. Fantasies are often triggered by outside stimuli, such as an attractive stranger or an erotic picture, movie, or story.

Studies have varying views on gender differences in fantasizing. Some quarrel that males are more prone to fantasize while others declare that fantasy is more common among women. Linda Wolfe calculated a sample of 15,000 women ages 18 to 34, and less than 3 % said they never fantasize.

Male Sexual Fantasies

In Western societies, males more often use sexually open material as a part of sexual fantasy, whereas females are more likely to rely upon romance stories. Females are more probable to prefer erotica with a “softer,” more creative side rather than the “harder,” more explicit forms favored by many males.
The male fantasy world relies heavily upon novel experiences filled with culturally-defined beautiful women who are always sexually available and free. Pornographic magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse, as well as a wide array of so-called harder publications (since they depict explicit sex acts), attempt to capitalize upon such fantasies.

Female Sexual Fantasies

Women often base their fantasies upon previous sexual experiences and tend to emphasize romance and intimacy. The onset of the women’s liberation movement has created a revival in erotic fiction meant at women by women writers and film makers.

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