Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is one of the most crucial topics that need to be discussed. Depressed women have more sex than those who are happier because intercourse makes them feel secure, a study claims.

Women suffering from mild to moderate depression have a third more sex, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not, according to the survey of more than 100 Australians.

They also have more sexually liberated attitudes, a bigger variety of sexual intimacy and, if single, are more likely to partake in casual sex.

Dr Sabura Allen, a clinical psychologist at Monash University, said: “It was more sex and more of everything from kissing to petting, foreplay and intercourse.”

Dr Allen studied the recent sexual experiences of 107 depressed and non-depressed women who were in relationships.

She said depressed women were likely seeking out sexual intimacy more often to help feel more secure.
“When people are depressed they feel more insecure about their relationships and concerned that their partner may not care about them or find them valuable.

“Having sex helps them feel that closeness and security.”

The study, which was presented at a mental health conference in Melbourne, will be published in the British Medical Journal.

Dr Allen said that Australian couples “tend to have sex between once and three times a week”, with “very much the majority in the once a week group”.

“Single women have it considerably less, but the same is not necessarily true in the case of single men.”

Though, the researchers are not sure whether sexual intercourse could be an effective cure for depression.

“We really don’t know but we presume it helps as it gives these women opportunities to be close to their partner and loved,” she said.

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