Sexual Role Playing Ideas

Hey, I think that we’ve know each other long enough for me to contribute to some of my true life stories with you. You know the stories that you usually don’t tell unless you are in the company of really close friends a large blender, tequila and maybe a few shot glasses.

This actually came up the other day while my sweetie and I were traveling down memory lane. You know the conversation that starts with a “remember the time”?

For sexual role playing ideas read below. Well, it happed about eight years ago. I had taken a new job down south and didn’t know anyone in the town that I moved to. My work frequently put me in bars and clubs and that has never been my scene. This one particular night, as I was leaving the club, this abnormally good looking guy offered to help me carry some boxes to my car. I mean he was so good looking that I couldn’t look at him because I was sure that my mouth would stay open and I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off him.

Short story shorter…he carried the boxes to my car, I looked into the bluest eyes I’d ever seen and words that didn’t belong to me, but came out of my mouth said; “I had love to make breakfast after waking up next to you in the morning”. I am not really sure where that came from, because I don’t cook! But, I did. It was the most amazing, not reserved night of sex that I’ve ever had. He never asked my name nor I his.

The truth of the matter was that we did not have to ask, we already knew. We had been dating for over two years at the time and we had just engaged in our first night of role-playing. Now, we look back and laugh at all the fun and all the things that we learned from our impromptu acting classes. We both learned that I do not like to be spanked and he doesn’t like it when I play doctor with the plastic gloves.

Recently I read an article in Man Health that talked about this very issue. It gave examples of different role-plays that couples participated in and the magazine even went as far as to do a survey of 4,000 men and women and asked them what role-playing scenarios they would actually consider. I’ve included the top five on a scale of 1-10 with one being No way and 10 being that would be hot:

Check out the table for sexual role playing ideas

Women Men
Strangers in Bar 8 9
Pilot & Flight Attendant 8 8
Employee & Female Boss 6 9
Professor & Co-ed 7 8
Rich Man & French Maid 7 9

I gather from this study that a man is pretty much down for any type of role-play. The funniest part of all was reading this article to my man, whose first response, was “my eyes aren’t blue”. Of course, all I could say to that was…in my fantasy, they were.

You know you don’t have to be face to face to role play either. Try it. The key is that both people know that they are playing a role and stay in character until all actors exit the theatre.

Hence now you can go ahead and have sexual role playing ideas

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