Shiatsu foot massage

Shiatsu has come out as a form of manual therapy that incorporates gentler manipulating and stretching derived from other relax giving therapies such as physiotherapy and chiropractic. However, shiatsu uses the technique that mainly includes pressure that is exerted by the fingers or thumbs. Pressure is applied on various body that can be corresponded with the energy points and lines used in acupuncture and that is why Shiatsu is far famed in the Western World by the name acupressure, to be more specific, an inexact term!

The word shiatsu can be defined as finger pressure, however, there is much more than just a pressure. The science involves focusing on the meridians present in the body, so it involves the inner side of the body. Shiatsu foot massage has nothing to do with taking the clothes off, and rubbing skin to skin. A shiatsu foot massage practitioner heals in through the periphery that connects him with inner bodily system.

Shiatsu foot massage can revitalize and restore overall health as it promotes the circulation of energy within the body channels. Therefore, the function of the body organs, blood and bodily fluids are governed and there would be increased nourishment for the muscles and joints that, in turn, aids tractability and easiness. Shiatsu has been now recognized by the Japan Government as an effective therapy and there are many well established shiatsu foot massage schools that train the practitioners.

There are foot massagers available on the market. Such massagers help relieving the feet and lower legs that suffer from stiffness and tension. One can purchase such massager online or from the Shiatsu store.


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