Signs and symptoms of arthritis

There are many types of arthritis and each of them has one or more varying signs and symptoms of arthritis. Below is the list that includes general frame for most of the arthritis but it helps the person to know about this musculo-skeletal disorder.

Signs and symptoms of arthritis include:-

1. Loss of stamina in the muscles those are associated with affected joint.
2. Tiredness that might be severe during times of waking up from the bed.
3. feeling feverish
4. Over the times, when arthritis is out of control: deformities of the affected.
5. Generalized pain or stiffness of the joints including muscles and ligaments. This happens more after sleep or rest period.
6. Cracking sounds in joints that are accompanied by pain and swelling.
7. Loss of or restricted motion in the affected joints.
8. Exhaustion without any hard efforts.
9. Pain and swelling in affected joint, particularly in the smaller joints that are there in hands and feet.
Except from all above mentioned signs and symptoms of arthritis, finding it difficult turning door knob, tightening fixture, opening bottle that is generally quite a simple task but for you it is a pretty big sum also signals forthcoming arthritis problem. Stiffness in the joints particularly during the morning and to find it difficult to get up from the bed all of a sudden becomes very difficult. In a same way, you require support to climb the stairs that you never sought before.

Many times, there is a significant swelling and redness in the joint as a part of signs and symptoms of arthritis. Many people experience heat in any of the affected joints that includes tenderness too. This is more noticeable in the fingers, knee, elbow and other joints.

Treating signs and symptoms of arthritis is possible. All you need is proper massage preferably with natural oil such as Arthcare oil. Massaging can be more effective if some anti-arthritis pills such as Arthcare Capsules or Sallaki Capsules are consumed for a period of approximately 3 months.


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