Signs of Being in Love

lovesign We have all heard about the wonderful experience of love in many romantic books and movies. But not many of us are able to understand love in our real life. This article will throw light on some common signs that are associated with people being in love.

There are no fixed rules of love and neither are there any particular signs or symptoms of being in love. After all, love is not an ailment. Instead, it’s a wonderful feeling and experience that makes a person feel loved, cared, happy and excited.

However, there are times when you yourself are unable to comprehend your changing feelings and are unable to find out whether you are in love or not. Given below are few common signs of being in love.

Do you constantly think about a particular person when he is around and also when is not near you. Also, do you often smile or feel happy after thinking about this particular person.

If yes, then you are falling in love with that person. He might be your best friend or he might be a person you met a few days back but the point is that when you start loving a person, you have a constant urge of having that person around you.

You start looking at the numerous positives of that person and when that particular person is with you, you completely neglect the whole world around you.

You must have seen it in various books and movies that when a girl falls in love, she becomes extremely conscious of her looks and appearance. Well, this is true in real life too and thus, if you spend more than required time in front of the mirror or in choosing your dresses, then it might indicate that you are falling in love.

Believe it or not, you also start liking romantic songs and prefer spending your day quietly in a room in your thoughts rather than socializing.

If you find yourself showing the above given signs, then you probably are in love.


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  1. ryan says:

    wow i knew it. i asked out a girl i liked but she said she would think about it. love is such a burden. shes all i can think about

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