Signs that Show the Guy is not interested in you

Love, of course can be blind. But it does not mean that you should keep on barking up the wrong tree. There is absolutely no point if you have fallen head-over-heals for a man who does not have time for you. You need to enlighten yourself and face the bitter fact boldly.

Even after spending hours before the mirror…even after the whole world says you do look good today; if you do not hear a word of appreciation from your guy, it is time to think again. Certainly, it is painful. Even if you have many other admirers, you will be dying to hear it from the guy of your dreams. But, girls, do remember that love and care need to be reciprocated in equal volumes for a healthy and enduring relationship. Gals tend to go to any extent for the man they love and often fail in realising his true feelings.
Take a reality check

There are certain strong indicators that show if the guy is interested in you or not. If he is not eager to know about what you do and how you are, then he is certainly not after you. Phone calls will help you to realise this. If you are the person who calls him up always and he replies just as part of courtesy, then you need to back up.

If you are not a part and parcel of his plans that realise that you are out of his mind’s screen. Check whether it is he who takes initiations for your meetings. Moreover, see if he asks the question “when next?” before leaving.

If the person does not take steps to get to know you better, it is time you read the writing on the wall. An interested person is sure to ask you directly and indirectly about your likes and dislikes. In his mind’s slate he will have your special days, hobbies, and what not inscribed.

If your name does not sound familiar in his close circle of friends and relatives, then it is a strong sign that you are not the woman of his choice. If his close circle is totally unaware of your existence, the message is damn clear.

However, no generalisations can be made in this regard as no two men are alike. If you love somebody truly, just set him free and see if he returns. If he comes back, he is yours. If he does not, he never was.


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