Single parenthood

A single parent can be termed as a lone parent who takes care of one or more kids without any help from the other parent. The legal definition of the term varies from country to country. There have been lot many famous single parents among actors and politicians. However, the case is different when it comes to our ordinary lives where we are neither glamourours nor immensely rich. One comes to terms with the concept of single parenthood either in an optional manner or in imposed way as an outcome of unforeseeable happenings such as death. However in both cases, there are certain basic issues which single parents need to encounter in their day to day lives.

Single parenthood might result in comparitively low financial situation as there is no second income. Due to the increased responsibility they shoulder, lone parents are also prone to poor health condition. A recent Swedish study establishes that single parenthood leaves dirty emotional imprints on children. The suicide rate of teenagers living with single parent is very high compared with those who stay with both parents. Another disheartening outcome of single parenthood is that despite all the efforts, children are more likely to develop negative behavioural traits. However, parent’s age, warmth of the relationship between child and parent, occupation, income etc are all decisive factors. Extra care should be taken by the parent in ensuring that extended family members donnot influence the child negatively.

Single parents should realise that they are not alone. They should come forward to discuss their problems in a reliable open forum. Internet provides immense oppoertunities for such parents to converse with other birds of their flock. Various voluntary organisations and websites has come forward to offer useful guidelines and counselling sessions. In today’s world, the word ‘single parent’ is not something that should necessarily be associated with solitude.


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