Slumdog Millionaire star slapped for refusing interview

It is indeed a question of debate whether “Slumdog Millionaire” is an Indian film or an international one. Whatever be the answer, the film has come up with many a young star of Oscar fame. Suddenly pushed into limelight, most of them stand perplexed at the glaring media eyes.

Apparently, one of the child stars of the film has been slapped by his father for turning down the request to appear for media interviews. Ten-year-old Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail did have every reason to refuse the interview as he was literally drowned in camera lights since his return from the prestigious Oscars awards ceremony held at Los Angeles. Azharuddin had been picked up from a Mumbai slum for his role in the film as Salim, the elder brother of the film’s hero Jamal.

The young boy was jet-lagged after the long flight and preferred to get a sound sleep and thereby refused to talk to the media. However, his father was enraged at his act, which he found to be rude. “I was being naughty. I did not want to give the interview because I was tired so he slapped me but he loves me,” that was how the young hero responded when asked about the incident. He do deserve a past on his shoulder for the decent response.

The father too was sorry for what he did. “My child was very tired and bored but I had committed to one journalist (to give him an interview). I felt bad when he refused him (the journalist). He is my child and I just slapped him but I feel sorry now,” Ismial, who sells cardboard to make a living, said.

The huge success of the film “Slumdog Millionaire” that garnered eight Oscars at the Academy award function has suddenly shot to fame a handful of promising stars like young Azharuddin.

Along with his co-star, Rubina he is being schooled at an English-medium school for underprivileged children. A trust fund has been set up for the kids until they turn eighteen. A monthly stipend is also provided to them.


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