Southern Baby Names

Being a southerner myself, the proposal that most Southern baby names are partial to double names just makes me mad. Southerners are as modern as citizens living in any other part of the country.

It’s just that we lean a little more towards tradition in some areas and patterns for naming southern babies reflect this. Fashionable, cute names come and go in southern circles. The difference in the Sunny Southland is that they may be combined with an old family name that repeats itself time and time again.

Many beautiful names originate from the South. Most can be easily identified as part of that heritage with names like Savannah, Reece, and Emmalee ranking the top rungs for girls. The boys are easy to identify too with names including Lamont, Brodie, and Arden.

A very popular aspect of Southern names is the combination of two first names together to create one name. This is more common for girls, with Maryanna being the most popular. For boys, two names are common but separate with Paul Allen being one of the favorites.

Another popular adage of Southern baby names is to use the elements of nature in the name. Rain, Sunshine, and River are very common in the South. Naming your baby in the Southern tradition is a great way to allow them to experience an amazing part of their heritage. Make sure you explain to your child why you chose their name and the meaning of it.

The most popular Southern girl names are Madison, Emily, Emma, Hannah, and Olivia. The boy’s names at the top of the list include Jacob, William, Ethan, Joshua, and Michael. The funny thing about this is all the girls names on the top of the Southern list are considered to be old fashioned names in many areas of the Nation. On the other hand, Jacob, Joshua, and Michael appear on most top listings of boy names around the Nation.

Southern baby names are popular throughout the Nation. Most are easily identified as to their source. However, others have simply made it to the most popular name lists and no one really questioned the origin. There are several great books you can look at that have only Southern names. Most of these books offer spelling variations, pronunciation, and the meaning of the name. You can also find good information on Southern baby names on the internet. If you know someone considering a Southern name for their child, give them one of these books as a great gift. This will help them pass the time as they wait for their new arrival.

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