Spears case adjourned

The jury in Britney Spears’ offensive driving-without-a-valid-license case is yet to produce a verdict. Last year, Britney’s Mercedes Benz had hit a parked car in her in California.At that time, she did not have the California driving license and only had her Louisiana license. Her lawyer, Michael Flanagan, has argued that she was well within the limits of law as she had not met the residency requirements of the state. Her home was still at Louisiana. He was hoping to save the star by getting the case dismissed with a punishment pay of $10.

But, prosecutors are not in a mood to be convinced. They say the 26-year-old single was to have a license since she was married and had two kids. Moreover, she had also filed for divorce in Los Angeles. Apparently, she is thus a resident of California.

However, this was not Britney’s first reported instance of irresponsible driving. Earlier, she was caught on camera as hitting another car and just moving on with out even leaving a note. A case was registered by the owner of the hit car and an concealed sum was handed over to the other driver in order to get the charges dismissed.

Britney did not bother to attend any session of the two-day long trial. She had earlier failed in her attempt to save herself from facing the trial. All her out-of-the-court attempts went futile and the case went to trial. When it finally went to trial, Britney’s lawyers tried at least to put the case on hold or get it dismissed. But the jury wanted the case to be continued and so turned down the request for stay. The Los Angeles Superior Court ruling stated thus: ‘The ‘Request for Stay; Petition for Wit of Prohibition and Writ of Mandate’ and opposition thereto, having been read and considered by this court, is hereby denied.’


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