Steps for beautiful Suntan

The term ‘Sun tanning’ is generally used to describe the darkening of the skin as a natural physiological response to ultraviolet radiation. It can also be stimulated by artificial sources such as taning bed. ‘Sun-tanning’ is usually done on a fair skin. However, excessive exposure to heavy sunlight will cause sunburn which can be severe.

To get that beautiful bronze shade in an even manner, the simplest way is to expose yourself to sun for quite some time. Tanned skin sets fashion especially during summer when the clothes worn are less. However, you do not have to necessarily exhaust yourself under the extreme heat of the sun for long to be tanned. Certain foods if eaten before going to the beach will make the work easier for you. Foods that boost melanin production such as melon, apricots, peaches, watermelon, spinach, eggs, fish and olive oil should be eaten before the beach visit. Calcium rich foods also help in making the tanning process faster. Calcium together with tyrosine is found in rich quantities in cottage cheese, particularly white cheese.

Adding Vitamin E to your diet is a good move that will help in maintaining the tan. Tomatoes contribute positively towards the production of melanin in the body. Food materials that contain plenty of bioflavonoids such as milk products and pistachios will bring down the harmful effects that sun bathing does to your body.

Preparations should start at least one week before you go to the beach. Your body need to be supplied with enough vital nutrients. If you are planning to stay under hot sun for more than an hour, make sure that you drink some fresh juice with a drop of tangerine oil before going out. This will check the skin surface from developing pigment spots. Never forget to carry enough pure water with you while going out to get tanned. Once on the beach, as far as possible avoid soft drinks. It is advisable to get tanned half an hour after a full meal.


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