Stuttering and Drugs for a Cure

Neurological research indicates that stuttering may be caused by excessive levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain’s speech control areas.

A variety of stuttering and drugs for a cure drugs reduce dopamine levels. Studies of several drugs found stuttering reduced on average 25-60%.

There are stuttering and drugs for a cure and the drug most-often prescribed for stuttering is FDA-approved only for short-term (6-8 week) treatment of schizophrenia. The drug has a wide variety of side effects (some severe or fatal). It may be beneficial to use the drug during the first few weeks of a stuttering therapy program, and reduce and eliminate the dosages as the stutterer progresses in therapy. The effects of long-term use for stuttering and drugs for a cure are unknown. Most anti-depressants increase stuttering. Stutterers considering medication for depression should read about these drugs carefully before taking them. Ritalin can increase stuttering in children.

Several studies employed the gold-standard of being placebo-controlled and double-blind (meaning that the subjects and clinicians did not know if the specific individuals were receiving a real pill or a fake pill). These studies were of relatively limited subject size so further research is warranted before stuttering and drugs for a cure are to be routinely used in stuttering.

No one medication is without the potential of side-effects and this class of medication is associated with weight gain and the potential for blood sugar increases. However, a novel medication, stuttering and drugs for a cure pagoclone, holds promise as an effective, well-tolerated medication for the treatment of stuttering. In May 2006, Indevus released results of the largest pharmacologic trial of stuttering ever completed. Stuttering and drugs for a cure Pagoclone affects a natural neurochemical in the brain known as GABA which has been postulated to play a significant role in stuttering.

The study utilized a double-blind, randomized design of over 130 adult individuals who stutter. Pagoclone was found to improve stuttering symptoms in over 50 percent of the individuals treated — statistically greater than those receiving a placebo. stuttering and drugs for a cure Pagoclone was found to be well-tolerated with only minor side-effects of headache and fatigue reported in a minority of those treated.

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