Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

stdsymptoms As is clear from the term, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) refer to those diseases that are mainly transmitted from one person to another through sex. It is estimated that there are at least twenty five different sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases can be passed through vaginal, anal and oral sex. The symptoms of these diseases vary from one disease to another.

It should be kept in mind that some of these diseases do not show any symptom though the transmission has occurred. You should consult an expert doctor either when the symptoms get manifested on your body or when your sex partner tells you that he or she is infected.

An early diagnosis and precise treatment helps in curing most of the sexually transmitted diseases. But, if not treated at the right time, sexual infection can lead to sever damages including infertility. In certain cases, sexually transmitted diseases get transmitted from an infected mother to her unborn child.

Though the symptoms of genital infections vary, some irregularities are found to occur to all those infected. These include vaginal soreness, unusual lumps, severe itching, pain while urinating etc. In most people an unusual genital discharge is also seen.

Chlamydia remains to be one of the most commonly reported sexually transmitted diseases. It is caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium. It infects the urethra, rectum and also eyes. Symptoms of this disease usually get manifested within three weeks of exposure.

Crabs or Pubic Lice refers to the small crab-shaped parasites that feed on blood. They live mainly on pubic hair and are easily passed during sexual intercourse.

Genital warts are generally caused by a kind of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). They appear on the genital area as small whitish or flesh-colored bumps. Often no symptoms other than itching are found in this case. But in advanced stages, infected women suffer from slight bleeding or unusually colored vaginal discharge.

Gonorrhea is yet another sexually transmitted infection, the symptoms of which appear within a couple of weeks after exposure. However, in some people no symptoms get manifested.

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