Tackling cracked feet menace

Cracked heels are a commonly found foot problem which is also known as heel fissures. It is mainly caused by dry skin. The problem gets aggravated if the skin around the heel rim is thickened. If not taken care of, the cracks will get deepened and will be painful. In extreme cases, the skin will start to bleed and might also be infected.

The affected skin will normally turn deep yellow in colour along the inside heel border. It is not advisable to wear open or thin soled shoes. Cracked heels are commonly caused when people with dry skin expose their feet to excessive pressure in that area. Prolonged standing, being overweight, certain medications etc are yet other reasons which make the heels crack. Before sticking to any particular treatment, it is wise to determine the root cause of the problem.

The most popular treatment made against heel fissures is applying moisturisers. A good oil-based moisturiser should be applied on the affected parts regularly twice a day. In order to reduce the thickness of the skin, a pumice stone can be used. Baby lotions meant for dry skinned babies can also be applied after removing the hard skin with a pumice stone. People who suffer from heel cracks should stick to thick soled shoes that are not open towards the back.
Of course, there is nothing more irritating that the feel of that hard skin under your feet, but you should not try to cut it away with scissors or razor blade. Such a step is sure to cause more damage and risk of getting infected is high.

People who have once got their heel cracks erased are increasingly getting accustomed to using heel cups. Heel cups that are worn within the shoes are found to be a good preventive step. In certain cases, dermatologists prescribe tissue ‘glue’ which helps in sticking the edges of the cracked skin together. This paves way for easy healing.


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