Taking care of ADHD kids

ADHD or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a psychiatric irregularity that is on the rise among children. Less than seven per cent of school going children are likely to be under ADHD clutches. In most of them, it gets labelled as behavioural irregularity. Earlier, boys were more prone to the disorder but, of late, studies show that girls are also impaired at an equal rate.

The major symptoms shown by ADHD kids include difficulty in holding attention and over activity. Academic performance will be generally poor and they might behave based on their impulses. They also find it difficult to socialise with other kids. The drug Ritalin, is the most commonly prescribed medicine for the disorder. Actually, doctors prescribe this medicine for all childhood behavioural irregularities. However, studies show that the condition of more than seventy five per cent of ADHD kids who take Ritalin have considerably improved. The drug is found to be effective in stimulating areas of brain that are associated with arousal, attention and inhibition. But the negative aspect of this psycho stimulant medication is that it is not free from side effects and also does not provide long-term cure.

Massage is recently found to be an effective treatment against ADHD. Effective massage makes them more focussed and less restless. Moreover, children who underwent the massage therapy rated themselves as happier than before. Scientific massaging procedures releases stress to a good extent and increases mental abilities. Depression rate also get minimised. Rather than prolonged massages, ADHD kids should be subjected to shorter and frequent massages.

By including massage to your child’s daily routine, you are actually providing him a chance to pacify his nervous system. This will surely have a positive impact on his school works. If you yourself find time to massage your child, the emotional support that you give him is beyond description.


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