Taking Care of Cracked Heels

Cracked heels, otherwise known as heel fissures, is a foot condition caused by the thickening of the heel skin. They are painful and very unattractive. Cracked heels spoil the beauty of your sandals,however expensive they may be. Usually heels get cracked when the skin gets excessively dry. This occurs mostly during winter season. The condition gets exacerbated when one goes around in open- backed shoes. Even in summer, wearing such shoes will land our feet in trouble. Inactive sweat glands, high arched feet and surgery of lower extremities can also crack your heels.

Once the situation worsens and pain commences, ordinary moisturizers won’t do any good. People, who are under treatment for other health problems such as diabetes, should bring cracked heels under their doctor’s notice before the cracks deepen. Mere worn and weathered skin can be self-treated and by a little effort can be brought back to the normal state. This is because it is more a case of neglect than a disease as such. It is easier to get rid of those ugly cut marks before the commencement of pain, as only epidermis (outer skin layer) is affected in this case. Pain starts when the inner dermis is also attacked.

The skin on our heels does not have oil glands in them. So cleaning the heels with luke warm water daily and applying a good moisturizer twice a day will greatly help. Rubbing hardened heels with a pumice stone can lessen the thickness of the outer skin. Throw away your thin soled and open backed leg wears. Perfectly fitting shoes with shock absorbing soles will do wonders for you. Prolonged standing in the hot sun also should be avoided as far as possible.

Make it a habit to massage your feet with a good moisturizer daily. Your feet deserve that extra care for the overwork it does in this fast paced world. Adequate care will certainly ward off all foot related problems and will keep them clean, healthy and beautiful.

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