Taking care of diaper rash

You have every reason to feel sad and irritated when you see the red diaper rashes on your baby’s soft and delicate skin. However, you need to understand that diaper rash is quite a normal phenomenon. It is part of being a baby. But, with a little extra care you can easily lessen it. It is when bacteria and yeast invade the affected part that the situation worsens.

If diapers do not irritate your baby, then you do not have to strict with preventive measures. On the other hand, if you are constantly engaged in battle with rashes, you need to take certain precautionary steps. The most important among them is to change diapers often. In case of newborn babies, diapers need to be changed once in every one hour. The duration can be extended once the baby urinates less frequently.

Not even a single minute should be wasted in changing poopy diapers. You can also try out the many different brands available in the market. Stick to that brand which causes less friction and fit better. Stool and urine should be properly wiped out from the body of the infant. Always ensure that the baby’s bottom is kept dry, clean and warm. If you are using cloth diapers they should be properly cleaned, preferably using alkaline irritants. Also make sure that they get dried in open air under proper sunlight. Babies with a sensitive bottom skin require diaper rash creams after every change.

However diaper rashes are not a matter of grave concern. Of course it might make new parents worry but the fact is that it does not warrant an urgent call to your doctor at midnight. In ordinary cases, diaper rash can wait to be examined by the doctor during the next check up. Ensure that the rashes never remain soaked in urine for long. Healing occurs only when rashes are kept dry and clean. Also ensure that the baby’s diaper area is kept well washed and neat.


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