Taking care of dry skinned babies

One in every four babies is found to have dry skin. The dry and irritated skin condition found in small children is termed as eczema. As children scratch the dry areas frequently, these parts are likely to be inflamed. But, with the right care, parents can effectively bring down the level of irritation and can certainly make their babies feel better.

Many mothers do not know whether their babies have dry skin or not.  If you constantly find your baby rubbing his head on your shoulder as you hold him, it is most probably due to itching caused by dry skin. If your baby is showing such a symptom, bring this factor under your doctor’s notice during your next hospital visit.

Extreme care should be taken while choosing your baby’s cleaning materials. Certain low quality laundry soaps or washing powders, fabric conditioners, bath soaps and shampoos might worsen the condition of baby’s skin. If you find rashes appearing mostly on those areas, which are in constant contact with fabrics, your laundering methods are likely to be faulty. It is always advisable to go for mild detergents of good quality. Baby clothes should always be washed separately and should also be treated with an extra rinse cycle to get rid of detergent leftovers.

If irritation occurs on baby’s face, bathing products are to be blamed. Babies with dry skin should be bathed in cooler water. It is not advisable to let your child remain in his bathtub for more than ten minutes. Your baby’s body should only be pat dried with a soft and warm towel. Never forget to apply moisturiser on their body while they are still wet after a cool bath. It is advisable to apply an effective moisturiser within three minutes after the bath in order to block all moisture inside.  Baby moisturizers should be perfume-free and should also be exclusively meant for sensitive skin.


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