Taking care of eyelash extensions

All of us love to get the most out of our eyelash extensions. But how many of us realise that beautiful eyelash extensions are the result of proper lash care. If not properly cared, lashes can cause irritation to the eyes. Ocular well being largely depends on the effective maintenance of your eyelash extensions. However, you do not have spend too much time nor do you have to take too much effort to maintain beautiful lash extensions. After all, they are just extensions of the original eyelashes. If maintained well, eyelash extensions are sure to enhance the beauty of your eyes. They provide a thicker and fuller impression to the eyelashes. If you bother enough to follow a few easy tips you can easily cherish beautiful lashes.

Rubbing the eyes, heads the list of don’ts. Scratching of eyes causes increases irritation and also pulls out both the natural lashes and the bonded extensions. Eyelash brush should be made part of your beauty kit. Brushing is sure to give a look of neatness. The small brush should be used daily on the eyelashes. Water based mascara goes well with eye lash extensions. However, water proof mascara will do more harm than good. Such mascara agents will interfere adversely with the adhesive used in eyelash extensions and will rip them off.

Avoid oil-based beauty products around the eyes while wearing lash extensions. Applying olive oil daily will enhance growth of hair both on eyebrows and eyelashes. Never forget to protect the extensions by applying a sealant over it. Though not an essential ingredient of lash extension care, longevity gets greatly enhanced by sealants. Vitamin rich food supplements also play a vital role in ensuring the beauty and strength of eyelashes. If proper care is given, eyelash extensions will easily last for more than a couple of months.

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