Taking care of eyelashes

The look of your eyes makes a lot of difference in your appearance. Eyelashes make your eyes look bigger. Eyelids deserve special care in facial makeup as they can easily be enhanced with a light shade. If properly treated, they will make the eyes sparkle. Heavy mascara and false eyelashes give a dramatic look and suits evening parties. Creams need to be applied around the eyes in order to give a fresh and young look. Effective creams will hide those slight wrinkles around your eyes. Make sure that the cream or gel you apply is meant exclusively for eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and so it is advisable to save it from ordinary facial creams.

Eyelash curlers give the ‘wide open’ look to eyes. These curlers are of different kinds. Some need to be used after each make up whereas the effect of certain other curlers will last longer. Whichever be your option, extreme care should be taken while curling the lashes. People with short eyelashes are likely to get hurt while using heated curlers. Excessive curling will do more harm than good to the delicate lashes. It is wise to use eyelash oils in between the curling process. Always ensure that you employ only beauty experts to do the curling.

Eyelash extensions are those small bunches of hair that can be easily fixed in between the real eyelashes. Since the fake lashes are longer than the natural ones, together they will give a fuller look. Extensions are made available in a whole range of colours. Gold and silver shades best suits festive celebrations. If you find it difficult to fix the fake lashes, you can use a pair of tweezers. After applying a bit of lash glue at the tip they should be fixed to the eyelid that has been gently pulled out. If you have sensitive skin, you need to seek help from a beautician as the glue might act as an allergen.

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