Taking care of eyes

Vision is indeed a great blessing, the true value of which gets noticed only when we are deprived of it. Instead of taking it for granted, eyesight is something we should treasure. Imagine a world devoid of light, colours and all other things and people around us. Only then do we realise how important eyesight is. Taking proper care of our eyes will help us in avoiding sight related problems in the future.

Eye diseases result in either partial or the complete loss of vision. People with impaired eyesight gets hampered both physically and emotionally. Poor eyesight cuts a person away from his external world and leads to mental depression. The strain that arises from such a situation spreads to the entire family. Surgeries and other corrective methods are highly expensive. Prevention is always better than cure. There are a few simple steps of eye hygiene that will take you miles ahead in eye care.

Healthy eating habits will surely take you out of the danger zone. The body should be supplied with abundant quantities of Vitamin A, E and C. Mineral salts such as Zinc and Selenium can help prevent many eye diseases. Medications meant for other irregularities such as diabetes and obesity may also cast their side effect on eyes. So it is always necessary to consult your doctor before starting the course of medicine and ensure the safety of your eyes. Using quality eyeglasses while getting exposed to sunlight will save your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Chain smokers have increased chance of falling prey to eye disorders. It is advisable that smokers as well as those with a family background of eye problems discuss the problem with an eye specialist well in advance. Diabetic people should see to it that their monthly checkups are never missed. This is because an increased blood sugar can easily affect your vision adversely.


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