Taking Care of Nails

Who does not want their nails to look beautiful? A healthy diet is the most effective tip for beautiful and strong nails. Increased intake of fresh fruits and green vegetables provide the required enzymes, vitamins and mineral salts necessary for nail growth. Food materials rich in silicon, calcium, biotins, zinc and vitamin B should be eaten in abundant quantities. Carrot juice holds special place in nail care. Rich in calcium and phosphorous, carrot juice has in it the right blend for nail growth. Along with the above nutrients, enough water should also reach the body for the proper growth of nails.

Each and every irregularity on the nails indicates one or other deficiency. That is why experts say that none of them should be left unnoticed. Nails should be properly taken care of in order to protect the fingertips. Dry and brittle nails are due to the lack of Vitamin A. The white band like marks on the nails are the indicators of protein deficiency. Splitting nail is the result of the lack of hydrochloric acid. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 makes the nail- ends rounded and darkened. Insufficient zinc content results in white spots. Cuts and cracks on nail remind us that more liquids should reach our body. Poor rate of metabolism results in reddened areas around the cuticles.

Washing the hands with a mild soap at regular intervals and cleaning the nails with a good nailbrush will take you miles in nail care. Cuticles need to be softened by immersing them in luke warm water. Nails should be trimmed equally and spiky bits should be carefully removed. Applying hand cream over the cuticles will increase the blood circulation to the fingertips. One thing you need to bid goodbye to if you want beautiful nails is the habit of biting nails. Nail biting is sure to bring disastrous results. These basic manicuring steps, if followed strictly will surely make you feel proud about your nails.

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