Taking care of pets

Planning to have a four-legged friend as part of your family? Good. Of course, pets are fun. But, there are certain factors that entail having pets. The most important among them is hygiene. The corner, which you have set apart for, your pet friend needs to be kept clean. To avoid the catastrophe of stinking corners never forget to wash their bowls daily, that too with a quality cleaning soap. Make sure that not even a single bath time is skipped. It is quite natural for your pet to ‘stink like an animal’. The carpet in your living room is the place where your animal is going to spend most of the day. So always keep it clean and as far as possible take it outside in open air and hang it on the cloth line under good sun. A litter box that cleans and disinfects by itself is something that you should buy as soon as you bring your little beauty home.

Never postpone the regular trips to the vet. Make a chart and clearly mark when all you should take the animal to be vaccinated for rabies. Ensure that your pet is healthy and comfortable. Regularly examine the skin of your furry friend and get it treated at the first sight of parasites. If treated at the right time, you can help it from suffering severe pain later.

Regular brushing is yet another important aspect of pet care. Proper brushing removes dead hair and stimulates oil glands. It removes tangles and helps in the production of thick fur. Effective combing also helps in bringing down the number of pet baths. Matter build-up at the corner of your pet’s eye also needs to be cleaned with a warm cloth daily. Also take proper care to ensure that its ears are not infected. Bad orders, excess hair fall and ear discharge are all indicators of health irregularities. Help your pet to feel better.


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