Taking Care of your lips

There is no parallel to the impression made by soft healthy pink lips. If you are the proud owner of such invigorating lips, you simply don’t need any other make up to turn heads towards you. Being the most sensitive part of the human body, lips do need extra care and nourishment. Dry chapped lips are sure to spoil the entire outlook, however fashionable you tend to be. It makes you dull and vague. There are certain tips with which you can possess the most luscious lips, just the right ones for that perfect romantic mood.

Lip care actually includes a series of steps that need to be done regularly for best results. The first thing to be ensured is that lips should be protected from all sort of extreme climatic conditions. Plenty of green vegetables and fresh fruit juices should be taken in so as to provide the required nourishment. Never miss any opportunity to gorge on vitamin rich foodstuffs. Selecting the right lip balm is another important step. All sorts of make up will look good only on healthy lips. A good balm will keep the lips well moisturised and will serve as an effective coating during severe cold and dry months. Frequent licking of lips knowingly or unknowingly is also not good for lip health.

Applying the right lip-gloss provides both moisturising effect and the luscious appeal to the lips. More and more women are opting lip augmentation surgery for making their lips beautiful. Applying lipstick is more an art than a make up. It is a specific craft that is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. Take enough time to apply lipstick with care and precision. With patience, you can master the art of wearing lipstick beautifully. Thus a gorgeous lip with well-marked lip line is indeed a decisive factor in determining your beauty attitude.

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