Teaching Your Dog to fetch

If you have a pet dog, you are sure to have faced the trouble of training your dog to fetch. Many of your attempts might have turned futile and you might be tired of fetching things for your dog, instead of it fetching things for you. The most important step to do in order to train your dog is to observe the animal well. Dogs are actually great tutors and real masters in training us. You simply need to follow the examples set by them.

Imagine that you are training your ‘Lady Dog’. She is being taught to fetch you the ball. Start the process by waving the ball in front of her face, at about a distance of two feet. Remember that the ball should not be brought too close before her face. Also ensure that you are waving the ball, instead of simply holding it. In that way, you can easily seize her attention. If the dog is still not attentive, you can bounce the ball before her a couple of times. That is sure to make her attracted towards the ball.

Your ‘Lady’ is sure to trot to it and will try to hold it in her mouth. Softly clap your hands and then run towards the opposite direction, encouraging her to follow you all the way. You will be tempted to call the dog by her name, but it is advisable not to do so. When she hears her name being called out, she is likely to drop the ball and run after you obediently.

If she comes halfway with the ball in her mouth and stops there you should clap again and run further, prompting her to chase you. Always ensure that your claps are luring her to follow you with the ball. Never should you attempt to move towards her. Make her understand that it is she who should move towards you along with the object and not the other way round. Rarely does a dog resist its temptation to run and it is you who should decide who should be the chaser.


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