Tests done during the first prenatal visit

Pregnancy and prenatal care should go hand in hand. The first thing to do if you think you are pregnant is to schedule your first prenatal appointment. Free yourself from all other duties while you go to see your doctor. This is because you should take ample time in order to clear all your doubts regarding pregnancy during the initial stages itself. If possible, include your partner as well in the appointment session.

You should be prepared with details regarding your menstrual cycle, past pregnancy, allergies or the use of preventive methods. Any case of hereditary congenital abnormality should also be brought under the doctor’s notice. Sensitive issues such as abortions, drug or alcohol addiction should also be revealed in this meeting. Such information will help the doctor in providing the best possible care for you and your baby.

In this meeting, the doctor will inform you the expected date of delivery. However, this date may or may not vary. But the estimation of this date is important in assessing the monthly growth of the foetus. To those with irregular menstrual cycle, ultrasound scans will provide a clearer picture regarding the expected date of delivery. Your weight, height and blood pressure will be checked in order to assess your overall health. In certain cases a Pap test as a screening method for cervical cancer. During the fist prenatal visit
itself, the doctor might prescribe for blood tests. Blood group along with the Rh factor needs to be diagnosed. Traces of diseases such as measles, mumps, rubella, syphilis can be spotted through the blood test. HIV test is also done in this stage. Urine also gets tested for any possibility of diabetes or kidney disorders.

Apart form these tests; you will also be advised on the changes that should be made on your lifestyle. You will be made aware of the importance of drinking enough water and including rich nutrients in your diet. The role of exercises in ensuring a healthy pregnancy will also be administered.


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