The Best Weight Loss Secrets

weightlosssecrets The fact that most people are or are becoming overweight is now common knowledge.  As a result of this, there are many weight loss plans and diet programs in the media.  

Too many options

Most overweight individuals are looking for the single best weight loss plan or diet to help them lose weight. Many of the plans outlined in the media do not work.  Some even involve surgery or medications.

The increasing use of medications and surgery is frightening. While they do lead to results and are the best option for some individuals trying to lose weight, they are the most risky of weight loss options.  The side effects associated with these options can be far more devastating than those of exercise and diet.


Any type of weight loss surgery, whether liposuction or gastric bypass, is risky. The safer option is liposuction, but it is also very expensive and is may leave behind a scar. Gastric bypass is an even more radical option.  It can lead to serious side effects, create tissue damage and lead to nutrient deficiencies.

Although surgery is a weight loss method that leads to rapid results, the dangers and costs associated with the procedures must not be ignored.  Surgery is usually reserved for people who suffer from obesity, as obesity leads to serious health complications.


Medication is a less drastic weight loss option when compared to surgery. But, in and of itself, medication can have serious side effects.  This is especially true if the drug or herb is used to suppress the appetite.  Such medications should only be taken after consulting with a doctor, no matter what is said about the products in advertisements.

Medications are not the best method of weight loss even though they are very tempting. They should be reserved for very serious types of obesity.

Diet and exercise

Diet and exercise are still the best weight loss options available. More and more individuals recognize this fact.  The key to weight loss is not to starve your body.


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