The necessity of prenatal tests

The birth of a healthy baby, by no doubt, brings home unparalleled bliss. Each and every parents-to-be wants their child to be a healthy one. But, unfortunately, not every deliveries result in healthy babies. However, the risk factor has come down to a considerable level by the advancements made by science in this regard. A good many kinds of prenatal tests reveal the real picture of the foetus before its parents. Health disorders that are likely to endanger the lives of both mother and her baby are also known well in advance. Certain prenatal tests are only screening ones and can point out only to a possible problem. In such cases, doctors go for a more detailed diagnostic test to confirm or discard the doubt.

Prenatal tests can bring out many different aspects such as treatable health problems in the mother, features of the baby, including its sex, size, age, and placement in the uterus. Through such tests, congenital, genetic or chromosomal defects, if any, present in the child will also be understood before birth itself. Foetal abnormalities such as health problems are also detected. Dominant Gene Disorders, Recessive Gene Disorders, X-Linked Disorders, Chromosomal Disorders and Multifactorial Disorders are the main categories of defects that are detected through prenatal tests. Dominant Gene Disorders occurs when one of the two parents is affected with a disorder. Then, there’s an equal chance for the child to inherit the gene from the affected parent. Recessive Gene Disorders occurs to a child when the foetus gets a pair of abnormal recessive genes, one from each parent. When there is an abnormality in the number or structure of chromosomes then chromosomal disorders are resulted. Multifactorial Disorders include those that are caused by a mix of genetic and environmental factors. In majority of the above cases, prenatal tests help in the early diagnosis.

Through pre-birth tests a few things about the mother’s health such as her immunity to certain ailments, whether she has any of the sexually transmitted diseases or cervical cancer, whether she has gestational diabetes etc will be easily known. All these factors have a direct effect on the general well-being of the foetus.

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