The right jeans for you

Jeans adore our wardrobes mainly due to its ‘easy to maintain’ nature. The stylish, yet casual look provided by the right fitting jeans remains unparallel. Jeans reach us in a variety of styles. Brands, cuts, patterns, shades all do matter while selecting jeans. But a more important thing is that you should love the feel that the particular jeans you are in offer you.

You should know your own body shape well before choosing jeans. This is because, jeans is one kind of attire that truly exposes your figure. The right kind of jeans will highlight your positive aspects and will effectively hide the negative ones.

Women with a full figured body should go for the boot-cut type of jeans, which has a slight flare towards the bottom. Since this pattern is neither too tight nor too loose, your true figure will not be highlighted.

Some women will be gifted with an athletic body. Go for the low-rise ones, especially if you have muscular thighs with narrow waist. Skinny jeans will accentuate your beautiful curves as well.

So, if your need is to highlight your figure, tapered jeans is the one you should opt for. On the other hand, flared jeans conceal your curves. Now, what if you are a slim woman? Actually, slim women are the more lucky ones since they can choose from a variety of styles. They will actually look great in almost all of them. So, ‘what they want to do’ and ‘where they plan to go’ decides the kind of jeans for slim beauties.

What looks good on shop display might not good look on you. Your body type should be the determining factor while selecting jeans. The right fitting jeans will not only make you comfortable but also will boost up your level of confidence. This will help you set your own trends of fashion. Keep these tips in mind while you go for shopping jeans next time and save yourself from the trouble of constant buying and returning.

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  1. Low Rise Jeans says:

    Low rise jeans also make your torso have a more height by the eyes, while the leg part (if you have a long one) is definitely the best combination there is out there.

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