The versatile lemon

Nature has been really good to us by gifting us with lemon. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is a powerful cleansing agent and can be effectively applied from hair tip to toe. Being rich in natural sugars and fruit acids, they are capable of bleaching the darkened areas of the skin. Vitamin C, present abundantly in lemon, makes it an effective antioxidant that stimulates collagen production. Lemon based tips deserve special mention among beauty-enhancers not only because of its inexpensive nature but also due to its simple ways of preparation. You will find it amazing that lemon finds place in almost all the home made skin recipes.

The enzymes present in lemon help in cleansing the skin. They are capable of providing both cleansing and toning effect to the skin by removing all dead cells. At the end of a hectic day in which your face has been fully exposed to environmental pollutants, a treatment with fresh lemon juice is what your skin craves for.

Lemon juice when mixed with a ripe banana forms an ideal recipe for dry patched skin. It soothes the surface and leaves the skin smoothened. A mixture pack of lemon and almonds can effectively fight freckles. The pack made by blanching lemon into ground almonds along with an egg white should be applied on face for twenty minutes.

For oily skin, lemon needs to be mixed with ripe papaya pulp. Do not forget to add a little turmeric powder into this mix before applying it evenly on the oily face.

Are you loosing sleep over the yellow plaques that simply refuse to leave your teeth? Again, lemon is ready to be your rescuer. By rubbing the mixture made by squeezing half a lemon into a spoon of table salt you can turn your teeth to pearly white. If a bit of baking soda is also added, no doubt, your teeth will glow as well. Fresh juice of lemon, if mixed with egg white, will save your from the itchy dandruff menace.

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