Tips for a healthy diet

Health is indeed our greatest wealth. A well balanced diet is the most important requisite for a healthy living. In the busy world of ours, fast food has crept in as a way of life. But this fast food culture is sure to somersault our health status. As far as possible make it a point to enjoy the pleasures of a homely meal. Homely food is both nutritious and also contains less fat. At home, extra care is taken to ensure that every step in preparation is done with utmost hygeine.

With a little care we can easily stick to a healthy diet. Food stuff with fatty content in them such as all forms of butter, hydrogenated fats, margarine etc should be avoided. Plant oils such as olive oil, groundut oil, sunflower oil etc are better alternatives. Fish oil is also advisable since it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The role played by fresh fruits and green vegetables as health supplements can not go unsaid. Being granaries of fibrous nutrients, they should be taken either in raw or slightly cooked form. Human body should be supplied with enough and more quantities of water. A minimum of ten glassess of water should reach our body daily. Water play a major role in keeping our body hydrated. Carbonated beverages are ’empty calorie’ providers and should be discarded.

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