Tips for a safe baby bath

New mothers are always tensed when it comes to bathing their baby for the first time. However, experts opine that bath time for infants can be reduced to twice a week. It is because there is little chance of them becoming soiled. But, it must be ensured that their face, crevices, and genitals are all cleaned well after each diaper change.

It is advisable to go for sponge baths during the early stages of a newborn’s life. Sponge baths are convenient for the mother and safe for the baby. They can be done after placing the baby on sturdy beds or changing tables. The location that you select for bathing your baby should be a warm one.
Ensure that washcloths, cotton swabs, towels, moisturizing soap, and all other required bath implements are placed within an arm’s reach of the bathing area. The plastic dip basin should be filled with lukewarm water. As the baby grows, you can use larger tubs. The undressed baby should be placed on neat towel or blanket on the work surface.

Wet the washcloth and excess water should be squeezed out from it. A damp cloth can be used to wipe the baby’s face. The delicate crevices of the face can all be wiped clean with a damp cotton ball. Moisturizing soaps are found to be most ideal for the baby skin. Take some soap on the washcloth and clean the rest of the baby.

If you find his hair to be dirty, you can try washing it by firmly supporting the head and shoulders with your free arm. If shampoo is being used, ensure that it is properly rinsed off. After the bath, baby should be dried well with a warm and soft towel. Soon after the bath, a good quality moisturizing lotion can be applied all over the body. Then, the baby can be dressed in clean and fresh diapers.


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