Tips for tackling public tantrums

Fear not, for you are not alone. Many parents share the dread of what to do when their Toddler throws a tantrum, that too in the midst of a familiar crowd. The fact is that there is no one particular guaranteed method which worksfor everyone in all situations. But, here are a few tips that are sure to help in managing the situation better.

As your child is showing off his worst behavior, do not let your mind be preoccupied with the thought of what others might think about you and your kid. The first step to make is to try to make your child understand the situation with eye contact. Make him aware of your ‘presence’ near him. In most cases, what the child requires is simply a different environment.

If you are at a super market with your child who has put your grocery basket in reverse, just walk out of the store with him in tow. It is no use making empty threats like “If you don’t stop screaming, I will not buy you ice cream.”  As you are making your way out, do not forget to apologize to the bystanders.

You do not have to be embarrassed and can handle the situation well by saying, “Sorry, but we are having a difficult morning.” You need to keep in mind that nothing is more irritating to the shop keeper and by standers than a mother who is playing deaf to her child’s defiant behavior.

If the tantrum occurs while at a quiet place like church, it is advisable to take away the child through the nearest exit.  If you are in a movie theater, it is your unfortunate responsibility to take the child out without causing much disturbance to the other viewers.

It is quite common for children to throw tantrums occasionally. What actually makes the difference is how you, as a parent, handle the situation. Make sure that you hug your child fondly, once she regains her control.


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