Tips for talking to teens about sexual health

It has been estimated that ten percent of Americans are teenagers and almost half of them already have had sexual intercourse. A much more alarming fact is that more than half of the teens who have had sex are diagnosed with some or other kind of sexually transmitted disease every year.

In such a scenario, it is extremely important that your teenage son or daughter is aware of the consequences of having unsafe sex. Sure, most of us are not experts on this topic.

We might also be unequipped in initiating a talk on sex with our kids. But, we certainly need to make them aware of the gravity of the situation. Before, discussing the topic it is important that you are ready with precise answers for their concerns.

As parents, you need to make them aware that sexually transmitted fictions spread from one person to another through three ways. It mainly gets transmitted through vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Do not forget to remind them that in some cases, even skin contact with sexual organs can also lead to infection.

Blood contact is yet another means of transmission. Used needles with infected blood on them also paves way for the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. Breast feeding is the third mode of transmission.

It is advisable to discuss the topic with your child as early as possible. Encourage him to voice his doubts. You should have the patience to listen to his views and worries. Assure him that he can approach you any time with his doubts.

Now the next question that pops up is when to start the discussion. Do not think your teenager is too early to be taught on sex. When your child is old enough to ask questions, be assured that he or she is also old enough to receive simple answers.

As your child reaches his pre-teen years, you can start talking to him about feelings and relationships.

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