Tips for using condoms

Condoms are found to be one of the safest precautionary methods that can be taken against sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Sex done by using condoms can be considered as ‘safe sex’ only if condoms are used correctly. They need to be used meticulously and constantly. Condoms should strictly be worn before the initiation of penetrative sex. It is advisable to use latex condoms as lambskin and polyurethane ones are not found to be fully secure.

Before putting the condom wash your hands well. Every time you have sex, make sure that fresh condoms are being used. Condoms are not reusable. If you are having rather a long sex session, it is wise to change condoms after a while. Male and female condoms should not be used together. While you are using the condoms, it is advisable not to apply any oil-based lubricants. Such lubricants are likely to weaken the condoms and might result in its breakage. If you need to use any lubricant along with the condom, it is wise to choose water-based ones.

Before purchasing the condom, double-check its expiry date. European CE mark is a recognised safety standard of condoms. Novelty condoms are not found to be safe. If you are purchasing condoms online, always ensure that you are procuring them only through recognised pharmacists.

If the man who is engaged in sex is using condoms, the involved woman should not be wearing lipstick if oral sex is being practised. If engaged in frequent sex, it is better to keep away from N-9 (nonoxynol-9) based lubricants, as it is likely to increase your risk of STD transmission. Condoms containing nonoxynol-9 should not be used for anal sex as well.

A tiny drop of yoghurt or water-based KY jelly, if placed at the tip of the condom, is found to provide better experience. This process is called ‘gel-charging’. It is advisable to store condoms in a cool and dry place as heat can damage them.

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