Tips For Using Tampons

Once you get your period, you certainly need something to bring the rush of menstrual blood under control. As your womb cries for its loss, you need to wipe the tears off. The choice to be made is between pads and tampons. Compared to their pad counterparts, tampons are less popular. Many girls do not even know about such an option.

Like pads, tampons also absorb the blood, but with a difference that in this case, the absorption takes place from within. A tampon, made of absorbent material, is shaped like a small cylinder. Some tampon varieties have applicators that are made of either plastic or cardboard. These tubes help in the insertion of the tampons in their place. In certain other cases, the tampons can be easily inserted with our fingers itself.

The function of a tampon is to absorb the menstrual flow completely even before it gets a chance to move out of the body. Tampons are made available in a variety of sizes suiting specific needs of absorption.

Of course, you might be worried when it comes to the using your first tampon. It is advisable to talk to some older lady who is familiar with its usage. You need to be at ease completely during the insertion. If in case you are unnecessarily nervous, the muscles in the region will get tensed and as a result insertion will be all the more difficult. For the first time, it is better to use the tampon of the smallest size. The insertion will be easier during increased menstrual flow.

You can take a position of comfort in order to insert the tampon. During the insertion, hold it in the way you hold pen while writing something. The fingers should be pointed towards the middle portion. The only thing to remember is that the string should be visible after insertion and it should point away from the body.

Useful guidelines are provided in the cover packet of the tampons. If you find all your attempts turning out to be futile, it might be that that you are born with a smaller opening in your hymen. In such a case, it is advisable to consult a healthcare provider.

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