Tips on personal hygiene

You need to maintain personal hygiene, not merely for health-sake. Personal hygiene uplifts your emotional and physical aura. Personal hygiene is a clear indicator of a man’s personality. Priorities in a person’s life and his general outlook to life get proclaimed through his personal hygiene habits. A person who sticks to strict habits of personal hygiene will be all the more efficient to fight against various infections.

Personal hygiene should start right from hair tip and ends down at the toes. Personal hygienic habits need to be addressed on a regular basis and should be made part of the daily routine.

Hair should be washed at least twice during a week. If you suffer from any lice or dandruff problems, take necessary action at the earliest. The comb you use should not be shared with others. Also ensure that your comb is kept clean and free of drop hairs.

The skin should also be kept clean. If you are a person who is prone to frequent sweating, extra care should be taken to keep the body clean. As far as possible, remove body hair as hair serve as breeding ground for bacteria. A gentle loofah brush will help you in removing the dead cells from the body.

Oral hygiene also deserves a place of special mention. Gums and teeth should be kept free of food leftovers. Teeth should be brushed twice a day and rinsed after every meal. Brushing your teeth at the end of the day should be practised religiously.

Clothes should not be re-worn before washing. Ensure that the clothes are rinsed properly in warm water with a good quality detergent. Underclothes and towels should not be shared with anyone else. After washing, always let the clothes dry in enough sunlight.

The bed linen should be kept clean. It is absolutely not necessary to purchase very costly pillows and sheets. But they certainly must be clean and devoid of dust. It is also advisable to air out the bedding regularly.

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