Tips to enjoy sex better

‘Starting early’ is indeed the basic tip for a satisfying sex life. Lovemaking is not something that should commence after crawling into the sheets. Small and genuine acts of love actually boost the instincts to share love.

Smiling at each other, kissing before leaving for work etc are little acts of love manifestation that helps in enhancing the spirit of relationship.

It is important that you should not let your partner comment “the only time you touch me is when you want to have sex.” This means that you are not exploiting the potential of the sense of touch which actually makes sex more exciting and desirable.

Non-sexual acts of touch include rubbing her shoulders or feet as you read a book, resting your hand on his lap while he is driving, or even holding hands.

A person’s looks definitely makes a strong impact on his or her partner’s sexual moods. It is important to look good and attractive. Looks play a positive role in turning a person on. Smelling good is yet another means of being sexy.

When you smell good, your partner is likely to get more intimate with you. When you are really close, the fire is sure to be ignited without you knowing about it. Being sweaty actually impairs the functioning of pheromones and conceals their effectiveness. It is important to be clean and let the scent of love get clicked.

Effective communication skills always prove to be beneficial. People tend to stop talking when they feel that their partner is not attentive. It is extremely essential that the sex partners share all their inner thoughts and feelings between them.

Have an ear as he or she speaks about how his day went. Spending more quality time together is yet another way for a satisfying sex life. While at bed, ensure that you do not have any other preoccupations such as kitchen chores or office duties in mind.

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