Tips To Trim Your Tummy

‘Pot belly’ is one thing that all of us want to get rid of. There are certain useful tips that help in achieving this easily. Avoiding stress heads the list of ‘tummy trimmers’. Increased stress increases the level of cortisol, the “stress hormone” that deposits the excess fat in and around your mid-belly. When you feel stress mounting up within you, take a break from your work and sit comfortably at a quiet place and take a few deep breaths. If possible, take relaxed walks which lasts for ten to fifteen minutes twice or thrice a day.

Alcohol results in pot-bellies as it increases the cortisol levels. Smoking is yet another reason for bloated tummies. Certain diet alterations are essential to get rid of that excess fat layers. The most important of such diet regulations is including more fibre-rich food in daily diet. It prevents constipation and will also result in weight-loss. Food materials such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of fibre. Fibre supplements are also available.

Never limit your water supply to three or four glasses a day. Drink lots and lots of water daily. Premenstrual women should ensure that they drink enough water to get their bloated tummy flushed away. Osteoporosis that affects the spine might limit the space of your abdominal area and as a result your tummies bulge out. Make sure that your body is supplied with adequate amounts of calcium in order to check osteoporosis.

Aerobic exercises are sure to flatten your abdomen. It should be done at least thrice a week. It is advisable to stand while
while weight lifting exercises are being done. This will let your abs work effectively.

You also need to ensure that the diet you take contains only monounsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to health. These ‘good-for-you’ fats not only guard from various diseases but also lessen the accumulation of fatty layers within your tummy.

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