Top 100 Baby Girl Names

Are you in search of Top 100 baby girl names Having a baby is the beginning of an exciting journey that requires a lot of preparation! One of the things to prepare for is finding that perfect name for your child.

Whether or not you find out the gender of your baby before he or she is born, it is always a good idea to have a name picked out for either a boy or a girl.

If you know you’re having a girl, you have just narrowed your search considerably. However, there are still thousands upon thousands of names out there to consider. One way to start the search for that perfect name is to look at the top 100 baby girl names.

So, as you begin your journey to finding the perfect name for your little girl, it may be easier to start looking at several names and making a list of your favorites. Don’t be afraid to start off with a fairly long list of possibilities between you and your partner. After you take into consideration the meaning that you want your girl’s name to carry, it may be easier than you think to find that one perfect name!

Below are Top 100 baby girl names

1. Emily
2. Emma
3. Madison
4. Isabella
5. Ava
6. Abigail
7. Olivia
8. Hannah
9. Sophia
10. Samantha
11. Elizabeth
12. Ashley
13. Mia
14. Alexis
15. Sarah
16. Natalie
17. Grace
18. Chloe
19. Alyssa
20. Brianna
21. Ella
22. Taylor
23. Anna
24. Lauren
25. Hailey
26. Kayla
27. Addison
28. Victoria
29. Jasmine
30. Savannah
31. Julia
32. Jessica
33. Lily
34. Sydney
35. Morgan
36. Katherine
37. Destiny
38. Lillian
39. Alexa
40. Alexandra
41. Kaitlyn
42. Kaylee
43. Nevaeh
44. Brooke
45. Makayla
46. Allison
47. Maria
48. Angelina
49. Rachel
50. Gabriella
51. Jennifer
52. Avery
53. Mackenzie
54. Zoe
55. Riley
56. Sofia
57. Maya
58. Kimberly
59. Andrea
60. Megan
61. Katelyn
62. Gabrielle
63. Trinity
64. Faith
65. Evelyn
66. Kylie
67. Brooklyn
68. Audrey
69. Leah
70. Stephanie
71. Madeline
72. Sara
73. Jocelyn
74. Nicole
75. Haley
76. Paige
77. Arianna
78. Ariana
79. Vanessa
80. Michelle
81. Mariah
82. Amelia
83. Melanie
84. Mary
85. Isabelle
86. Claire
87. Isabel
88. Jenna
89. Caroline
90. Valeria
91. Aaliyah
92. Aubrey
93. Jada
94. Natalia
95. Autumn
96. Rebecca
97. Jordan
98. Gianna
99. Jayla
100. Layla

I think now you must have finaliszed what will the name of your girl child after looking at the list of Top 100 baby girl names

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