Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Monopolar direct therapy

The Monopolar direct current technique is purely an outpatient procedure. No anesthetic is needed, except local anesthetic for the occasional hypersensitive or nervous patient.

To date, there have been no reported cases of adverse effects, which speak well for the procedures safety.

The Monopolar direct current Treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids is fast becoming a treatment of choice in the United States. According to an article in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, “this painless outpatient treatment of all grades of hemorrhoids is effective and safe. This methodology warrants consideration as the treatment of choice of hemorrhoid disease.

The first published work on Monopolar direct current (also called inverse galvanism) was Obliteration of Hemorrhoids with Negative Galvanism by Wilbur E. Keesey MD of Chicago. Dr. Keesey dated the first use of this approach to 1897, although the technical problems (producing a smooth uninterrupted galvanic current source) were not worked out until approximately 1925. The technique then began to be used in general practice. When indicated, the Monopolar direct current method, specifically designed for hemorrhoid treatment, will give permanent results. This technique is especially useful in advanced as Treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids or piles.

There are other non-surgical methods available for the Treatment of Hemorrhoids. Here are some of such non-surgical treatments.

· Ligation: To carry out this treatment a rubber band is tied around the Hemorrhoids affected (enlarged) vein. This restricts the blood flow, shrinks the Hemorrhoids and makes them disappear after some time.

· Coagulation: This method of treatment involves the removal of affected tissues with the help of a laser or scalpel.

· Scleotherapy: For this, certain chemicals are injected in an effort to obtain relief from Hemorrhoids.

Treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids often requires surgery. In one type of surgery, a small rubber band is place around the hemorrhoid, cutting off its blood supply so that it shrivels and dies. In another type of surgery, the hemorrhoid is cut away from the anal tissue. Sutures are sometimes required to stop the bleeding.

Laser surgery is often recommended as treatment for bleeding hemorrhoid. The laser cauterizes the blood vessels to stop the bleeding. It also shrinks the hemorrhoids. This surgery is less painful than other types of hemorrhoid surgery and there is also less risk of infection.

Many people prefer to treat their hemorrhoids with natural products when possible. Natural products are gentler on the body than surgery, and may have other health benefits as well. Just make sure you see your doctor for Treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids if you have rectal bleeding.

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