Treatment for Deep Acne Scar

There are numerous procedures that can be used Treatment for deep acne scar. Each procedure has its own risks and benefits, and several procedures are normally combined to create the smoothest appearing skin. Here is a brief discussion of the more effective acne treatment procedures.

The best way of Treatment for deep acne scar is to start early and continue for as long as is necessary. There are, however, a number of treatments available when suffering from scar formation. The idea behind biological acne scarring treatment is that new cells replace old, damaged tissues and scars. Some topical treatments contain ingredients that start this chain of events. This treatment for acne scar focus on the creation of healthy skin cells instead of aggravating the body´s inflammatory immune system response. The natural ingredients can saturate deep into the skin and promote cellular turnover.

Damaged tissues and acne scars are diffused into their own amino acid components and released back into the body as the basis of new cellular growth. One step in the healing process involves an enzyme that starts a metabolic effect and a signal transduction that triggers the process of skin repair and skin remodeling. This metabolism works with extremely complex sequences of controlled biochemical modification of chemical compounds in living organisms and cells.

Through these metabolic processes the enzymes can affect how fast a swelling or an edema of injured tissue is reduced. They do this by “digesting” or breaking down the damaged tissue. The waste material is thereby removed from the skin lesions so as to reduce inflammation, speed up the healing process and encourage regeneration of new tissue. In biology, signal transduction is any process by which a cell converts one kind of signal or stimulus into another.

These processes often involve a sequence of biochemical reactions inside the cell. These reactions are carried out by enzymes and linked through second messengers. The processes can last a millisecond or as long as a few seconds. In transduction processes, an increasing number of enzymes and other molecules become engaged in the events that proceed from the initial stimulus. In such cases the chain of steps is referred to as a “signaling cascade” and often results in a small stimulus eliciting a large response. So, biological ingredients with active parts like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, proteins, peptides, and enzymes can with rather little effort stimulate the speed, in which the body heals itself.

Skin surgeons employ two kinds of lasers for acne scar removal as a Treatment for deep acne scar. The first is the Erbium (Er) or erbium:YAG laser. The energy produced by this laser has a very precise wavelength. The laser penetrates the skin and the moisture content in the skin readily absorbs it. The heat produced by this laser then scatters, leaving normal skin unaffected. The second is the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, which is a relatively recent development in skin surgery circles. It emits short bursts of extremely high-energy, highly focused laser light that vaporizes the scarred skin tissue a layer at a time, leaving only fresh skin in its wake.

Patients have to conform to certain medical parameters if they wish to undergo this procedure. However, those who qualify benefit from the fact that acne scar removal by the above means entail very low risks of further scarring. Medical complications after laser surgery on acne scars are very rare.

Following are the different ways of Treatment for deep acne scar:

· Dermabrasion
· Motorized dermabrasion
· manual dermasanding
· Laser Resurfacing
· Subcision
· Punch excision and grafting
· Fillers
· Chemical Peels

Treatment for deep acne scar Hypertrophic type: Although less common, hypertrophic (and keloid) scars can be more disfiguring and harder to treat than other kinds of acne scarring. This type of scarring is more common on the chest and back. For reasons that are not understood, hypertrophic scars tend to recur after removal. Treatment usually involves topical steroids, injected steroids, silicone dressings, and/or cryosurgery. Recently, pulse dye lasers have been employed with some success. More work is needed in this area.

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