Treatment for Foot Cramps

Many runners have had the experience of having a peaceful night of sleep interrupted suddenly and without warning by a severe cramp in some part of their leg or foot, and to make matters worse there is often residual pain even after the cramping has disappeared.

Although these cramps happen to people of all ages, two-thirds of those over age 65 have them at one time or another.

Possible reasons for leg cramps or foot cramps may be: poor circulation, lack of enough salt, dehydration, abnormal mineral or hormone levels, pinched nerves, alcohol or tobacco use, partially-obstructed flow of blood to the legs, nutritional deficiency, environmental toxicity or chemical sensitivity.

Treatment for foot cramps:

Muscle cramps usually go away without treatment. If it persists

(1) Stop the activity that causes cramp.
(2) Gently stretch and massage the cramping muscle.
(3) Hold the joint in a stretched position until the cramp stops.

Prevention for foot cramps:

(1)Improve fitness and avoid muscle fatigue.
(2) Warm up regularly before exercise and stretch after it.
(3) Stretch the calf muscle.
(4) Stretch the hamstring muscle.
(5) Stretch the quadriceps muscle.

Treatment for foot cramps specially, Night cramps and restless legs can be notoriously difficult to treat. Quinine remains the treatment of choice but it can have side effects such as an upset stomach. If you have not done so already, it is important that your doctor assesses your leg circulation and nerve supply to make sure there is nothing untoward here. You may want to try vitamin E regularly as well as zinc, as both these have been recommended in the treatment of cramp. Buy Vitamin E Supplements here

Treatment for foot cramps also includes eating a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, make sure you are drinking at least eight glasses of pure water a day (this is very important) and avoid smoking.

Additional suggestions for Treatment for foot cramps: Sleep with legs bent, avoid high heels, eliminate sugar and caffeine (caffeine interferes with your body’s absorption of magnesium, and can make you feel jittery), soak feet/legs in warm/hot water or use heating pad for ten minutes before bedtime, place a pillow at the end of the bed to prop up your feet. For dehydration, drink more water, not alcohol or caffeine, because they will dehydrate the body even more. If a disorder of the circulation is responsible, then try wearing graded tension elastic support hose in bed.

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