Treatment for recurrent Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are generally caused by an organism called Candida albicans or Candidiasis and there is no direct evidence that it is passed through sexual intercourse.

Yeast can be found in the vagina, rectum, digestive system and mouth. Excessive amounts of yeast causes itching and a burning sensation. The most common and pesky yeast infection occurs in the vaginal tract. This is called Candidiasis and may be identified by a thick, white discharge. It looks like cottage cheese and smells like bread (which uses yeast to rise).

Vaginal yeast infection can be passed back and forth between sexual partners as it can reside under the foreskin of the male. It is for this reason both partners should be treated in order to stop the problem.

Treatment for recurrent yeast infection of vagina with the help of antifungal medicines, those are inserted directly into the vagina as tablets, creams, ointments or suppositories. These medications include butoconazole (Femstat), clotrimazole (Clotrimaderm, Canesten), miconazole (Monistat, Monazole, Micozole), nystatin (several brand names), tioconazole (GyneCure) and terconazole (Terazole). A single dose of oral fluconazole (Diflucan Oral) also may be used, although this Treatment for recurrent yeast infection is not recommended during pregnancy.

Treatment for recurrent yeast infection of sex partners is not usually necessary, since most vaginal yeast infections are not transmitted sexually. However, if a male sex partner shows symptoms of Candida balanitis (redness, irritation and/or itching at the tip of the penis), he may need to be treated with an antifungal cream or ointment. Butoconazole may be more effective than other anti-yeast treatments against non-candida albicans which are more often resistant to fluconazole and terconazole. Since this topical Treatment for recurrent yeast infection is available without prescription, it is a good agent to use for chronic recurrences. Boric acid vaginal suppositories can also be effective against both candida albicans and candida glabrata.

Since yeast is a fungus, Treatment for recurrent yeast infection involves an anti-fungal medication. Several vaginal creams are available over the counter. Sometimes an oral medication is prescribed by a health care provider if the condition is very severe or not responding to cream treatment

Just treating the irritation and itching will not cure the infection. If you’re using an oral medication or a vaginal cream, you may also need a topical vaginal cream to soothe the discomfort until the infection has been properly treated. If you’re using vaginal creams or suppositories, don’t use a tampon. They can absorb the medication. Use pads or panty liners instead

Treatment for recurrent yeast infection in women can be obtained with the help of autovaccination. The method of vaccination therapy using the patient’s own pathogenic Candida strain was elaborated for the treatment of chronic relapsing mycotic inflammations of the women genitalia resistant to current treatment. Sexual partners were treated with current antimycotic drugs.

METHODS: Material for cultivation was sampled from vagina of women with recurrent mycotic vulvovaginitis. For production of every auto-vaccine we used yeasts acquired from a culture of Sabouraud’s Agar. Yeasts were inactivated by formol or by high temperature. The application of the auto-vaccine was by per os way twice weekly. Common blood immunological examination of every patient has been done pre and post treatment.

RESULTS: The disease was cured in 52 women (69.3% of the patients), improvement was recorded in 8 women (10.6% of the patients), no improvement in 15 women (20.0% of the patients). After completion of this Treatment for recurrent yeast infection in 30 women (40.0% of the treated patients) yeasts in vagina persist, obviously without a pathogenic action. No significant alterations have been found in immunological tests. Two months after this Treatment for recurrent yeast infection only 36 women (48%) had no clinical signs of vulvovaginitis. That is the reason of repeated vaccination.

CONCLUSIONS: The results have not been quite satisfactory, yet. We expect that further Treatment for recurrent yeast infection with auto-vaccination could improve our results.

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