Treatment of Osteoporosis

The word ‘Osteo’ means bone and ‘porous’ indicates ‘thin.’ Thus Osteoporosis refers to thin bones. The thinning down of bones, generally due to old age, causes this disorder. In women, osteoporosis occurs after they attain menopause. Earlier, osteoporosis was not considered as a disease as such and was categorised as an age- related occurrence, just like hair greying. But, of late, it is being treated as a disease since proper treatment was found to provide better relief.

Decreased strength of bones will result in increased vulnerability and the affected person easily becomes prone to fractures. This disorder is generally considered as a silent one and complications do not arise till a fracture occurs. The fracture can either be a gradual or a sudden one. In case of gradual fractures, the pain will aggravate only at a slow pace and might not be taken seriously during initial stages. In some cases, fracture occurs suddenly due to a fall or when lifting up a heavy object. Keeping away from performing strenuous activities is the most appropriate step to avoid bone breakages.

Regular exercise regimen will bring down the risk of osteoporosis to a considerable extent. By tying lightweights around the wrists, lower spine, or ankles and then walking is found to be the most effective exercise to check osteoporosis from aggravating. However, heavy weightlifting should be avoided since vigorous exercise will cause vertebral fractures. Such vertebral fractures will cause severe pain.

Micro-fractures are also found to be common among osteoporosis victims. Such fractures occur during normal daily activities. It is better to avoid lifting an object by bending forward. Instead of bending down perpendicularly, try sitting down and then rising up along with the weight. Stooping postures should be avoided as far as possible. Water exercises are found to extremely beneficial to osteoporosis patients since it will improve muscle strength. Walking, and if possible running, on sand will also do good.

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